Monday, December 27, 2010

Trouble Sleeping

Deacon has had trouble sleeping during his nap time lately. He stays in his room, he's quiet, he's content, but I don't think he sleeps much. I think he has too many distractions. Most children sleep with a stuffed animal or a toy. Deacon sleeps with a toy store!

Here is a list of what I found in his bed:

10 Large Toys

10 Medium Toys

13 matchbox cars

5 books

20 stuffed animals (Only 19 are pictured. I found another hidden in the sheets as I was making his bed.)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pre-Christmas Pics

Well, since it's almost Christmas, I figured I better get these pictures up here.

Does anyone still need their Christmas tree chopped down? Our little lumberjack is ready for the job!

The stockings were hung by the mantel with care.

Finn helped Mommy with the garland.

Can anyone guess which 2 ornaments Deacon put on the tree?

Deacon helped Daddy put the star on top.

I had another helper for putting up the lights outside.

Deacon and Daddy slept by the tree in their sleeping bags.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

White Elephant

The tie rack at Von Maur?

No, just the 34 ties I received in a white elephant gift exchange with our Bible study.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

No, just the really cool shades that came with the ties.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monkey Hugs

Deacon has a book called Peek-a-Zoo. It starts with "A growl, a snort, an ooo-ooo-ooo, let's play peek-a-boo at the zoo!" Then the next page has a picture of a lion with it's paws over it's eyes and at the top of the page it says "Peek-a-" and when you fold the paws down it says "Roar says the lion." Deacon has the book memorized, so whenever I fold down the paws/hooves/flippers/wings he will say "Howl says the wolf" or "Squawk says the macaw". I love hearing him do all the little animal sounds ("Ar-ar-ar says the sea lion" is my favorite) and trying to pronounce some of the longer animal names (like chimpanzee (which sounds like pin-chan-zee) or rhinoceros).

One day last week, I asked Deacon to give me a big bear hug. He came running up to me, gave me a hug and said "Growl says the polar bear". Jane and I both got a good laugh out of that. The next day, I asked Deacon for another bear hug. He did the same thing. And then he said, "How about a monkey hug? Ooo-ooo-ooo."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Death of a Saint

If you looked at the Bluffton News-Banner today, you may have skimmed over an obituary that read something like this:

Irene E. Reinhard, 94, of Bluffton, went to be with her Lord at 6:55 p.m., Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010. Irene was born in Wells County on Oct. 27, 1916, to John & Lydia Fiechter. She married Aaron Reinhard on July 7, 1940. He preceded her in death in 1998. Irene was a homemaker and farm wife where she found great joy in lovingly serving her family. Irene is survived by three sons, Donnie (Sharon) Reinhard of East Lansing, Mich., Jerome (Gale) Reinhard of Bluffton, and John (Pam) Reinhard of Bluffton; nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. In addition to Aaron, she was preceded in death by her daughter, Rosemary; a grandson, Adam; two brothers and four sisters.

What this obituary didn't mention were the thousands of sugar cookies with red hot centers. It failed to mention the blueberries, the cheese, the popcorn and the Pepsi in little shot glasses that was always available. It failed to mention her tenderness and her gentle spirit and how I can't think of a single stern word she ever uttered.

I just realized, I'm typing this from her bedroom. I wonder now how many hours she spent kneeling on this very floor praying specifically for me.

I can't remember the last time my grandma walked. I know she was in a wheelchair at our wedding and that was over 8 years ago. But she spent today running on streets of gold! I can't remember the last time I heard my grandma speak. I know it's been a few years. But she spent today singing praises with the angels! She has spent the past several years trapped...not just in her bed at Christian Care, but in the shell of a body that was left. But today she is free!

I was in her room with her last night when she died. She exited this life the same way she lived it: quietly with peace and grace. She was surrounded by her family, all 3 of her sons were at her bedside. Now she is re-united with her daughter, Rosemary, who tragically died when she was only 3. Today she was able to hold her grandson, Adam, for the first time. Adam sadly died after only a few short days on this earth. She's with grandpa and most of her siblings. She's with Jesus.

Grandma, you will be missed. But I am so incredibly happy for you. Well done, good and faithful servant.

As you all know, I am a huge Rich Mullins fan. At a time like this, I can't help but think back to his song "First Family". Dad or one of his brothers could have written almost identical lyrics. I'm typing by memory, so this might not be 100% accurate.

My folks they were always the first family to arrive
With seven people jammed into a car that seated five
There was one bathroom to bathe and shave in, six of us stood in line
Hot water for only three, but we all did just fine

Talk about your miracles, talk about your faith
My dad he could make things grow out of Indiana clay
Mom could make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans
And they worked to give faith hands and feet and somehow gave it wings

I can still hear my dad cussin', he's working late out in the barn
Spring planting's coming and the tractor just won't run
Mom, she's done the laundry, I can see it waving on the line
Now they've stayed together through the pain and strain of those times

Talk about your miracles, talk about your faith
My dad he could make things grow out of Indiana clay
Mom could make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans
And they worked to give faith hands and feet and somehow gave it wings

And now they've raised five children, one winter they lost a son
But the pain didn't leave them crippled and the scars have made them strong
Never picture perfect, just a plain man and his wife
Who somehow knew the value of hard work, good love and real life

Talk about your miracles, talk about your faith
My dad he could make things grow out of Indiana clay
Mom could make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans
And they worked to give faith hands and feet and somehow gave it wings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend burglary

We thought we lived in a pretty safe community. We thought living out in the country, we didn't have anything to worry about. We were wrong. We went away for the weekend and when we got back yesterday we discovered our house had been broken into. Nothing appears to be stolen, so we are not sure what the burglar was after. The local police have been very helpful. They were even able to provide us with a picture of the prime suspect. So I thought I would post it on here, so that you all can be on the lookout for him.

The suspect caught on surveillance cameras.

The head detective searching for clues.

Hope you all have a safe week. Remember to lock your doors!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Pics

Harvest is a pretty busy time around our house. The boys love watching the tractors and combines in the fields.

Deacon and Finn trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin.

Deacon and Kaitlee examining the corn maze.

We went to one place where you could pick your pumpkin from the field. It didn't take Deacon long to find his pumpkin.

Deacon, Kaitlee & Finn playing in the leaves at Grandpa & Grandma's.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costume Party 2011

Here are a few pics from our annual costume party.

Klint & Sarah as Andy Taylor and Aunt Bee.

Andy & Jenna as Bert and Mary Poppins

Brandon & Amber as a T-Bird and a Pink Lady.

Nick & Jessica as Luigi & Mario.

Michael & Jane as Peter Pan & Wendy Darling.

I think this picture of us guys is hilarious. You don't get much more masculine than the T-Birds...and I'm standing beside him in tights!
Thanks Klint & Sarah for hosting! We had a great time. I already have an idea for next year. Now I just need to convince Jane to make the costumes!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sept. 2010, Volume 1

For some reason, we disappeared from the blogging world last month. I'll try to fill everyone in this weekend.
Finn turned 1 on Sept 8th. We had a Fiesta for him. Jane did a great job with everything: cake, food, decorations, Finn's outfit, etc!
(Probably not grammatically correct, but it gets the point across.)
One of our festive tables.
Daddy and the birthday boy!
Finn had no problem with his cupcake!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Bright Eyes

Today Finn turned 1! Wow, it's hard to believe.

Here are some pictures from today.

The Birthday Boy waking up this morning.

Now that he's 1, he can face forward in the van!

Jane had a birthday party for him with some other young moms at the state park for lunch.

We had a picnic near the River Greenway for supper and let Finn open his gifts there.

Then we went to the park so the boys could play.

Finn had a fun, but very exhausting 1st Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Finn! We love you!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Harrodsburg, KY

Jane and I spent the weekend in Harrodsburg, KY celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. It was Jane's turn to plan the trip this year and we stayed at the lovely Beaumont Inn.

In the 1800's, the inn was a school for young ladies. It was converted to an inn in 1919. Here is the main inn.

Our room was actually in the Goddard House across the road.

Other guests stayed at the Greystone House.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at the Old Owl Tavern connected to the inn.

We also enjoyed looking at the majestic homes. Many of them were sprawling plantations....

Others were elegant town houses.

We also enjoyed some much needed quality time together.

Kentucky was great. I'm already planning our trip for next year!