Monday, July 26, 2010

July 2010

Well, since neither of us have posted much this month, I thought I would try to catch everyone up by posting a bunch of pictures from July.
Finn loves playing with his puppies and kittens!
In 16 years, he'll have his license!
We went to Pokagon with the Yerglers. Deacon is ready for the picnic.
So is Finn! (No, that's not his Pepsi!)
Mommy and Finn ready for fireworks.
We watched the girls for Mark & Angie one night. Here are the 4 cousins ready for bed.
We went swimming at Marissa's. Finn enjoyed relaxing in the pool.
We also went swimming at Mom & Dad's. Deacon loves playing in the sand!
We went to the 4-H fair several times. Deacon loves the tractors!
We also ran into Finn's good friend Kyler. They were so happy to see each other!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vehicle update

For over 2 years, we survived as a one car family (unless you count the moped). Last month, we finally bought another vehicle!

It was great having 2 vehicles. I would take the Volvo to work and Jane would have the van at home. If she had plans during the day, we didn't have to wake the boys up in the morning so they could take me to work, I could drive myself. Now, the observant reader will notice that I am talking in the past tense. "It was great...."
Why am I referring to having 2 vehicles as a thing of the past you might ask. Well, yesterday on my lunch break, I was heading home attempting to go straight through a green light at an intersection, while at the same time a lady coming towards me attempted to turn left. She didn't see me at fact, I think she was still accelerating when she hit me. I walked away unharmed. Daisy on the hand, wasn't so lucky....

Well, we had 2 vehicles for just over a month. It was fun while it lasted!