Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mulching and Matchbox cars

We spent most of the day today landscaping and working in the yard.  When I got to one particular bush, I noticed a matchbox car way down in the foliage.

I pulled it out and then realized there were several other cars in there too.

The more I took out, the more I discovered.

I ended up with a nice pile of cars.

Thirty eight, to be exact.

When I asked Deacon about it, he had a perfectly logical explanation.  "If bad guys ever come in and steal all of our toys, they won't find these.  So we will still have some cars to play with."

After I had all of the cars out, Deacon pointed to the other bush right beside the one I had been working in.  "Ok, Daddy, let's get the cars out of this bush too!

I know they are in here somewhere!"

1 comment:

  1. Very bright kids you have!
    I'm always happy to see a blog post from you guys! Hope you are doing well!